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So that your MANITOU stays a MANITOU

6 months' warranty on all Standard Replacements

Through its "Standard Replacement" program, MANITOU offers renovated parts with the same specifications as new ones. The MANITOU Standard Replacement follows an industrial process which complies with the manufacturer's strict standards.
Renovation starts by selecting removed mechanical components. The parts undergo a quality inspection to ensure they meet the original tolerances and technical definitions.

The MANITOU Standard Replacement, a range which is continually expanding:
- Radiators
- Engines
- Right-angle drives
- Gearboxes
- Torque converters
- Hydrostatic pumps and motors
- Injection pumps
- Printed circuits
- MRT radio controls

The mission of the MANITOU Standard Replacement range is to allow mechanical repairs to be carried out at the lowest cost.
The parts are reconditioned to the most recent version and their attractive prices cannot be compared with those of new components.

Our "Standard Replacement" program allows you to benefit from:
- A product renovated to "as new" condition
- A reliable product at a lower cost
- Technical support
- First fit experience
- Manufacturer's warranty

The energy and raw materials used are less than with new parts.